PeaceDale Monument Co.LLC
                                              Trusted Quality and Service
          Serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island,            Southern New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont
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Thousands To Choose From And We Bring Them Right To Your Home, Office, Or Meeting Place!

Have you lost a loved one?
Do you know someone that has?

Let PeaceDale's caring and trained professionals walk you through the daunting and emotional process of choosing the right Monument or Memorial for your loved one.

For most of us, purchasing a monument is a once in a lifetime purchase. Don't leave it to chance, and don't settle for anything less than PeaceDale's "Assurance of Quality". It's your peace of mind.

We're as close as your telephone, e-mail, pda, or fax.

Please give us a call today.

Let PeaceDale Monument Co. be of service to you today!
  • The Highest Quality Products
  • Caring and Professional Service
  • Low Prices
  • Free Delivery and Set Up
  • Door To Door Excellence

All PeaceDale Monuments come with a full lifetime warranty. The strongest in the industry.

That's comforting. That's PeaceDale.

All PeaceDale Monuments are made to your specifications. Saving you money while giving you exactly what you want.

That's caring. That's PeaceDale.

All PeaceDale Monuments are delivered and set up free of charge.

That's value, That's PeaceDale.
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